What happens to the losing team’s championship products?

Championship products and what happens when they lose?

championship products
World Vision

All industries use promotional products. Charities sell them as fundraising products and businesses use them as a centre piece of their marketing strategy. Sports teams use them as celebratory products.

All promotional products must be bought before events. What can happen to those products if the event doesn’t take place?

Championship products have to be bought in anticipation of success, so each time involved in a final will have their Championship t-shirts, caps and other products at the ready.

During the run-in of the 2015-16 Premier League season, Leicester City were leading the way. They wrapped up their historic title win with two games to spare, but they had already ordered promotional badges, flags and wigs.

What would’ve happened to those products if Ranieri’s team had collapsed and Spurs or Arsenal won the league?

Championship products in the NFL

There is a parallel world where NFL’s Seattle Seahawks won back to back Super Bowls. The Buffalo Bills won an unrivalled four Super Bowls in a row. The New England Patriots secured a perfect season, beating the Giants in the 2007 Super Bowl to go 19-0.

There are even busses celebrating France’s 2016 Euro win and Liverpool’s 2007 Champions League victory.

For many years the NFL and America’s other major sports leagues would destroy the promotional merchandise with the wrong information on. Luckily in the mid-90s the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL changed their ways.

In 1996 the NFL decided to stop destroying the unneeded promotional merchandise and instead started donating it to a charity called World Vision. World Vision would then give the apparel to war-torn, impoverished and needy countries. In the past, the products have done to Niger, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The NFL have now swapped charities to Good360, but the goal remains the same. Instead of shredding unwanted and unused championship products, give them to a community who won’t care that the Patriots didn’t round up a perfect season.

If you’ve ever bought promotional products with an error or out of date information, instead of chucking them away, why not donate them to charity? There are plenty of worthy causes who would make good use of products with the wrong winner’s names one.