The communication business in 2017

Communication in 2017 – a retro product for a digital age?

Communication is key to any business. Getting your brand’s message, corporate goals, or just contact details seen is an important aspect of any business. A tweet can last just seconds, a newspaper advert could have fleeting success, but nothing long-lasting. A TV or radio advert would be getting up there in price. So how do you get your message across to your customers, while still keeping an eye on the budget?

A long-lasting solution is to use a pen! Not just to write a message but to put your message on. This way your printed pen and its message lives on with each use.

Throughout the year you can add your personal message – with company name, logo, website and phone number.

Here are some ideas for your branded pen promotions strategy:

A simple business message can be printed. We’re in the new year, so “wishing you a successful 2017” could be fitting.

Show support for your favourite team, whether in football, rugby or cricket. Proudly supporting England or Team GB in sporting events on the national and international stages

Communication is important and every business sector has its promo weeks and events. From National Breakfast Week, Back Pain Week, World Sleep Day to Small Business Saturday – you name it there is something for everyone to add their backing to.

Supporting charities

Many businesses fundraise for a chosen charity throughout the year, your promo pen is a great way to tell your customers about your charitable activities

It’s a low cost but valuable promotional strategy to incorporate branded pens in your marketing budget. The message lives on after the event, they are keepsakes not throw away gimmicks, and people use pens day in, day out. Can you really afford not to have promo pens in your marketing merchandise mix?

Make communication personal. Print your logo, message and campaign on an indispensable everyday object which is used time and again – a pen.