Corporate gift giving top tips

corporate gift giving

A handful of top corporate gift giving tips

Setting up a corporate gift giving strategy is a great way to establish relationships with your customers and clients, and then as a tool to further build those connections. Branded products are the ideal corporate gift, but implementing a strategy isn’t a simple job.

Corporate gift giving as a marketing tool has been proven to successfully retain clients and customers, which is just what you’re looking for. Here are a few top tips which should help when planning a corporate gift giving strategy.

Have a budget

Getting corporate gift giving right isn’t easy. It if isn’t a success it’s important to make sure it’s not a disaster for your company. Set realistic budgets on how much you will spend on each campaign and make those budgets flexible.

Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day might require a larger budget than other times of the year.

If you’re doing an annual budget, make sure you set checkpoints throughout the year. Christmas may be the most important time for corporate gift giving so you don’t want to find you have emptied the bank by October.

Make it personal

A personal touch is one of the most important things to consider. Avoid putting ‘Dear valued customer’ on gift or compliment slip, nobody feels valued when they read that. Alongside the gift try and send a handwritten not, using the recipient’s name if possible.

You could also deliver the gift in person. Although this may not be possible a lot of the time, taking the time to visit the workplace of your customers and clients to deliver the gift in person would truly make it a personal gift.

Pay attention to the moment

The budget top tip already touched on this point. Corporate gift giving works best when the gifts are sent out at the right time. The big dates don’t require much explanation; Valentine’s Day has become increasingly important when marketing and you can never go wrong with Christmas and New Year gifts.

Picking the right moment doesn’t just rely on the big days though. Keep an eye on the developments of your client’s business progress. Did you see on Linkedin that they’re moving into a new office? Send them an ‘office warming’ package. It all comes back to the making it personal touch.

Be responsible

If you’re setting up a corporate giving strategy you need to ensure there are sensible guidelines in place. Accidentally falling foul of the laws of corporate gift giving can be easy. But there is little point of gifting if it’s not going to have any influence at all.

For more information about how to avoid any ethical issues with corporate gift giving, you can check out this specialised article.