Growing sales the eco-friendly way


The idea of living green isn’t a new concept but you can still make your organisation attractive to a variety of industries by marketing yourself with eco-friendly promotional products.

Eco-friendly products are particularly appealing to the younger generation. This makes them a perfect way to promote yourself to a college or university. The carbon-cutting products can also be effective in reaching the health-care, landscaping and financial industries. It doesn’t just stop there though.

Promotional eco-friendly products can be used to market yourself to every industry because they are just standard products. Even one potential customer doesn’t really care about your carbon footprint, but can still make use of a promotional mug. Tea and coffee tastes the same out of a non-recycled and recycled ceramic mug. A USB FlashDrive made from repurposed wood will still hold the same amount of data as your standard Twister. A pen made from recycled newspapers will… you get the point.

Promotional bags are an ideal product to use them looking for eco-friendly products. The function is the same, the price is the same, yet they’re carbon-cutting. You can find eco-friendly bags at your favoured distributor, including You can find their range of bags here.

The most important advice we can offer when thinking of promoting with eco-friendly products is that you need to ensure your products have a real green pedigree. Whether you want your products to be Fairtrade, Global Forest certified (FSC) or Global Organic Textile Standard certified (GOTS), you want to see testing reports or documentation to make sure you’re giving your potential customers and consumers the real-deal.

Promoting for Earth Day

It may be a little way off right now, but this year’s Earth Day falls on Saturday, April 22. If you’re looking for the right time to promote with carbon-crunching products, then the day created to raise awareness of the importance of keeping a healthy and clean planet is the perfect day for you.

Earth Day is a global day so there are plenty of events to get involved with. If there aren’t any in your area, you could organise one yourself.

To see how you and your company can take part in Earth Day, head to the campaign’s website.

One way of promoting yourself as a company who cares about the environment is making the workplace greener – literally.

Getting plants, trees and herbs in the workplace. You can brand them too. Printed plant pots, seeded paper coasters mini potted plants can all can display your logo, making your office more fun and more relaxing.

For more information on eco-friendly promotional products, contact a distributor of branded products and see what they have to offer.