Marketing your construction firm

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According to a House of Commons briefing paper, in 2014 the construction industry contributed over £100b to the country’s economic output. In mid-2015, over two million jobs were in the construction industry, making up over 6% of the country’s employees.

So, it’s clear, construction is an area of the workforce where you are going to want to promote yourself. Advertising and promoting your company is key to continued growth, whether you’re a self-employed one-man show or the manager of a large scale construction company.

The construction industry is a highly competitive market, so hopefully these marketing tips will be able to set you apart from your competition.

Local and national charities

Donating and working with charities is a great way to raise the profile of your company in the local area. Local charities often rely on support of local companies. When working with charities there are two positives. The first, you get to know and work with some of the most deserving organisations in your area. The second, it’s a fantastic way to market your brand. It shows off your organisation as a compassionate, human company.

A lot of charities and local sports teams will often have small jobs which need carrying out. Perfect for a construction company to take care of.

Whether you’re sponsoring an event, donating money or even giving staff members a day off to get involved in their own charity days, you can promote your company alongside the charity.

Local media enjoy covering charity days and events. Remember to send press releases out about the events you’re involved in. If the charity is sending one out, see if they’d run a quote from a member of your workforce. All of this increases brand recognition.

Online and social media

He may not have been the first to say it, but when Bill Gates said ‘content is king’ in 1996, he foresaw the content boom and the social media sites which came along with it.

Since Bill Gates spoke in 1996 content has taken off. Rarely do people make money from their own content, but it now draws customers to websites and social media accounts. It generates clicks and follow-throughs. All this is important when it comes to marketing your construction company.

Linking to the charities you’ve worked with, linking your website to your social media pages and linking to other construction-related pages will not only improve your rating with Google, but is an effective way to advertise your brand to new customers.

It’s unlikely you’re going to post content that will go ‘viral’, but continually updating your website through blogs and new social media posts is a quick and easy way to keep your website updated and relevant.

Promotional products in the construction industryconstruction hard hat

Promotional products are a fun, friendly, and effective way of marketing your brand. A 2014 survey discovered that promotional products were the second most effective way of raising awareness of a brand, just coming in behind television. 83% of the interviewed people could remember the name of the brand without having to look at the product.

Construction company’s often purchase promotional pencils, stationery and notebooks, which can be used on site. Hard-hat shaped stress balls and custom-made brick shaped stress balls are also a popular branded product.

Promotional bags are always a great product when marketing any industry. If you’re advertising your brand at a trade show or event, the promotional bag provides not only a walking advertisement, but also a practical product to carry your the other marketing materials in.

Purchasing promotional products have two uses. They can be given to your employees so they are using company branded products on the job, they can also be given to potential customers and consumers.

Branded machinery

If you own your equipment and vehicles, sticking your logo and contact details on them seems like a no-brainer. Branding the equipment, you will use daily will help grow your business in the area you’re working in.

Many industries brand the products they sell. That’s not often possible in the construction industry, so branding the equipment that creates the product is a great alternative.

If you’re looking to market your company with promotional products, get in touch with your promotional products distributor.