Product Review – Promotional Chateau Wine Gift Set

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Promotional Chateau Wine Gift Set Review

Today we are reviewing the Chateau wine gift set provided to us by Clipper. The structure of this review will be as follows: we will give an overview of each component inside and then our verdict on their real world application, covering what we found useful and where the Chateau wine gift set could improve. At the bottom of the page will be a slideshow of images we took of our promotional Chateau wine gift set.   

Waiters friend

The brushed steel, traditional waiters friend comes with a unique two-step mechanism. This improves leverage against the lip of the wine bottle when pulling the cork, making popping the cork, effortless. Includes a chunky, vertical corkscrew and a small knife to easily cut foil.

The waiters friend facilitated what it set out to do, and was definitely a useful tool for our wine tasting session. Though basic in function and appearance, the waiters friend encompassed the minimalist theme of the chateau wine gift set perfectly.

Bottle stopper

The bottle stopper is sleek and functional, with two custom black rings. These sit snugly at the base of the longer cone for extra grip. It holds a substantial amount of weight, ensuring a tight seal where the cork used to be. These bottle stoppers are used to avoid evaporation and save the wines quality.

The weightiness of the bottle-stopper surprised us, especially for such a cost-effective piece of promotional kit. The bottle stopper felt sturdy and sat firmly when we placed it in the neck of our wine bottle. The two customized grips meant the bottle stopper was easily removed when needed.

Drip catcher

What would a wine set be without the drip catcher? Sporting a simplistic design and made of brushed steel, this drip catcher is an essential piece of kit. These slide comfortably around the neck of the wine bottle. The drip catchers firm placement ensures any residue is quickly taken care of.

We found the drip catcher to be effective at facilitating minimal wine spill when pouring. The drip catchers sleek design allowed it to fit aesthetically well with the other items in the wine set, and once our wine tasting was over, the drip catcher was easy to slide off. 


So, what’s our final verdict on the chateau wine set? Their simplistic design with robust finish is perfect for wine enthusiasts. The printing area is prominent and elegant, sitting proudly on the corner of the lid, and can be either printed in up to two colours or domed.

Each piece of the Chateau wine gift set felt robust and had purpose, which left us surprised due to the low price. Though the wine set is nothing fancy, it’s very much a practical promotional product. The burgundy wine set will suit many households and restaurants.

The lid and case of the chateau wine gift set lined up on all sides, and the clasp firmly kept the lid shut and secure. The chateau wine gift set gave us the impression of a high quality promotional product.

The only drawback we can see in this product is that the interior lacked any sort of lining for our wine bottle, except at the base. Though this isn’t a deal breaker for us, it would have been a nice feature to see. A velvet or silk interior lining would have really helped to propel the style of the Chateau wine gift set, and give it a bit more of a wow factor.
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