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Promotional Bags Overcome the Rage!

It is now just over one year since the introduction of the 5p shopping bag charge. Has it changed your promotional campaign activity?

The introduction of the 5p bag charge caused many frustrations at the time and still does today. Only recently an 86 years old Grandmother was reportedly beside herself with fury when a supermarket applied the charge to carry a handful of groceries. The environmental benefits are without a doubt, but we have all felt it, checking out having forgotten to bring our bags and having to purchase a 5p plastic bag that often doesn’t last the journey to the car!

Can You See the Opportunity?

Recognising the potential for a shopper’s trend to develop astute retailers saw the situation as an opportunity. Promotional bags have become the number one selling promotional item over the last 12 months. Research, by Cardiff University, shows those in the South of England are more likely to carry shopping bags. In fact having stylish shopping bags has become a trendy thing to do. Eco-friendly Jute Bags can be seen being displayed proudly up and down the high streets of Surrey. Many of the bags show the brand of their favourite retailer or statements you would ordinarily see on t-shirts. The great news for retailers is that such bags can be branded for you for you at a very reasonable outlay. Seen as part of your marketing activity the cost becomes and investment rather than a direct hit on your bottom line. Businesses of Charles Alexander Distribution can supply promotional bags from as little as £0.53 pence per bag.

Bags of Choice

Choosing the right promotional bag for your business can be the hard part. With so many types, sizes & materials to choose from seeking the best advice is imperative. The most favoured bag material is those made from and for recycling purposes. Consumers are more environmentally aware than ever before and displaying to the world your green credentials as also become a ‘badge’ for many shoppers. When it comes to bags, size does matter. A potential disaster looms by ordering a supply of promotional bags only to realise they won’t hold your average customer’s shop. While a promotional bag is trendy nobody wants to come away with five bags on their arms when only one would have been sufficient. The Charles Alexander Distribution team is ready and waiting to share their years of experience in assisting clients in getting the detail just right to make your investment in promotional products a very positive experience.

Start your journey to enhance your high-street presence with the use of promotional bags.