Record breaking largest pen

record breaking largest pen

Record breaking branding power with a record breaking largest pen

A supersized, record breaking largest pen has been made and it’s fair to say it won’t fit in your pocket.

Officials have confirmed that the world’s biggest ballpoint pen measures a whopping 5.5m in length.

That’s about 38 times the size of a regular ballpoint. Just imagine the potential printed area for your company branding on that giant promotional pen. It’s a merchandiser’s dream.

The official Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest ballpoint pen is Archarya Makunuri Srinivasa. The inspiration for it came from a pen his mother gave him as a young boy in India.

Just like its everyday siblings, the giant pen dispenses ink at its tip thanks to the rolling action of a small(ish) metal sphere – this is in accordance with the Guinness World Records guidelines.

During the record breaking largest pen’s unveiling in Hyderabad, India, inventor Archarya feared the pen would break in two when it was held upright. But no. Thankfully, it did not break and Archarya was able to draw a smiley face!

The current Guinness World Record for the largest ballpoint pen measures 5.5m long and weighs 37.23kg. It is engraved with scenes from Indian mythology proving every pen tells a story. See – there is always room for your printed message, your branding. What an outstanding piece of promotional merchandising!

Closer to home and to day to day reality we know big is not always best – what you need is quality. The record breaking pen may not be available for you to market your brand with but there are plenty of options which can be used. Here’s a video about the said pen.