How To Maximise Your Trade Show Impact

Charles Alexander Distribution Trade Shows Advice

How to make a Trade Show work for you.

If you have ever exhibited at a Trade Show, you’ll be aware of the need to do your uppermost to maximise your impact. There’s nothing worse than standing all day attempting to engage with potential customers only to see those who wander past be completely oblivious to your booth. Invariably you have made a significant investment in being at the show in the first place so getting a return on investment is imperative. But how do you make your stand the most famous in the show? What would be a good return on investment?

Here’s the Charles Alexander Distribution guide to maximising your Trade Show impact and thus, achieve a successful return.


The Set Up – Pre-Show Communication & Objectives

You have heard the saying, ‘poor preparation makes for a poor performance.’ A very apt saying when it comes to Trade Shows. The brands of Charles Alexander Distribution receive many calls daily requesting promotional giveaways, stand display material, etc. all with a next day delivery deadline! Get ahead of the game. Plan the look of your stand early. Give great thought to your branded giveaways and if you need help with both, contact us well in advance.

Take the first step to engaging with potential customer’s pre-show don’t wait until you get there. If you don’t have a database to action, then many Trade Shows offer communication activity that you can be part of in the lead up to the event. Use such opportunities to invite targeted customers to your stand. Perhaps, you can send a promotional product such as a pen with an invite to claim another giveaway such as a writing pad by visiting your stand. If budgets allow, why not hold a drinks reception or offer an incentive such as a prize or Trade Show discount if a customer registers at your stand. If you want to go all out, offer the chance to meet a special guest such as a celebrity. This activity will help you achieve an essential element of every Trade Show for an exhibitor. What’s that I hear you ask?

All too often exhibitors lose sight of a Trade Shows number one benefit, data. If you achieve nothing else from a Trade Show than a quality database of potential customers who you can continue the communication with then, consider it a success. A highly qualified database in most industries would be approximately the same cost to purchase as a stand at a Trade Show, so this must always be your first and foremost objective, harvest potential customer’s contact information. To do this, you need to ensure you first have the registration capability from the basic registration form (don’t forget to have a good supply of branded pens) to the fish bowl for business cards to the more modern methods such as scanners connecting to the Trade Show database to create your personalised list. Whatever the method motivate your team to acquire every possible email address, mobile number, names, job titles and social media accounts as possible.

Take a Stand – Be Loud Be Proud

The last time you attended a Trade Show what made you stop at a specific booth? Bet it was one that caught your eye with relevant information. In taking a Trade Show stand you have also bought advertising space so use it! Having made the investment to be there use the shell scheme to communicate your proposition in a straightforward and well-presented manner. It’ll make such a difference to the success of your show. The brands of Charles Alexander Distribution produce a range of stand materials to cover the backdrop that is easy to erect and will last show after show. Alternatively, we can assist in the design and production of a pop-up stand.

The Giveaways – Representative, Practical & Memorable

Have you ever stood on a stand watching everyone go by avoiding eye contact with you? How can you stop this from happening? It’s true. Everyone loves a freebie! Remember your primary objective is to gather a database so encourage people onto your stand with promotional giveaways and then hit them with that incentive to part with their data. To maximise the impact ensure the promotional products represent your organisation through the items colours, presentation, vital information such as a website address, etc. Consider the promotional item you plan to use in connection with your product or service, for example; branded power banks are one of the most popular promotional giveaways for business people, but wind up torches may be more practical for those within the construction industry. Ensure the promotional product reflects the quality of your business. If you are a premium brand, it will not reflect well by giving away the cheapest promotional product. Above all make your giveaway practical that can be used many times to achieve the highest possible brand awareness and recall. For example, you can never go wrong at Trade Shows with simple promotional giveaways such as mints within branded containers and bottles of water with printed labels.

Trade Shows can take a significant proportion of your marketing budget so make sure you are getting the very best return on your investment by using promotional materials, giveaways and incentives to maximise the impact. is one of the leading promotional merchandise companies worldwide. Our highly experienced team is ready to help you identify the best promotional items and materials for your next Trade Show.