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TredFlex shoes guide

Know your Derby from your Gibson?

How about your Brogues from Loafers?

TredFlex Shoes provide the following guide to men’s shoe types.

You don’t have to be a fashionista to get to know men’s shoe types. You probably have a favourite now but have never stopped to know what style it is, and why should you? Well for one, with so many of us now shopping online knowing the best shoe style for you can save hours if not days of trawling the internet to find your favourite pair. If impressing your mates down the pub with your knowledge isn’t your style how about identifying the best shoe type results in requirement for fewer pairs thus, saving you money?

Derby Shoes

The derby shoe can also be known as the Gibson, but they shouldn’t be confused with the Oxford.  The slight differences can be distinguished through the facing placement. Derby shoes have facing stitched on opposed to the oxford who’s stitching is hidden. This simple detail results in a wider fit with a Derby than an Oxford. Critical point if a wider fit is what you need. The Derby is a formal shoe type and as such is ideal for an office suit or maybe a special occasion like a wedding. Often they are finished with a high leather shine giving a timeless and sophisticated look. Derby shoes are a modern man’s wardrobe essential.

Loafer Shoes

Loafers are moccasin-inspired shoe frequently presented in a slip-on styling. A major characteristic of loafers is an elevated seam that follows along the shoe’s toe. Loafers can be a formal or casual shoe dependent on the look and colour. Go for a black high-shine pair with an office suit or special occasion. Try a different colour for a more casual style such as tan or brown. A pair of loafers would never be out of place in a well-dressed man’s shoe collection.

Chelsea Boots

The key disguising feature of the classic Chelsea Boot is the elastic siding. Designed to allow them to go on and off with ease compared with a laced boot. Chelsea boots are ankle length with rounded toes and low heels and now come in various colours. They are a classic style for the mod look having originally made famous by the Beatles. Their clean look lends to both formal dress and casual occasions. Chelsea boots rock with both suits and jeans making them a very useful wardrobe staple.

Desert Boots

Desert boots can also be known as Chukka Boots. Whatever your preference this classic boot style is steeped in history from desert exploring to polo matches. Nowadays these ankle-length suede boots are a classic casual boot that accompanies jeans and chinos like strawberries and cream. Today’s men’s fashion see them come in the traditional brown and beige to more unusual, adventurous colours such as the TredFlex French Blue or Colorado Berry.

Brogue Shoes

Saving perhaps, the best for last It is highly likely that every man has dawned a pair of brogues at some point in his life. This very popular shoe style derives its name from the decorative perforations in various patterns on the shoes rather than the shoe shape itself. Originally, the holes were designed to allow water out of shoes when crossing wet terrain often bogs from their Scottish and Irish heritage. You can wear Brogues in a formal or casual dress setting with appropriate colours to match. If you need only one pair of shoes in your collection then perhaps, brogues at must have, pair.

All the best in one place!

TredFlex Shoes offer comfort and style at affordable prices. The online TredFlex range features the classic shoe types in a range of colours and sizes. Our shoes are designed in the UK and made with the finest quality soft leathers and natural rubber soles.  Combining both the expertise of skilled shoemakers and the most advanced technologies available in the footwear industry today resulting in a premium collection of comfortable and stylish shoes that you will love to wear!

Lindsey Robinson, Marketing Manager, TredFlex Shoes

TredFlex Shoes Mens shoe guide